What To Bring

Depending on the complexity of your tax situation, getting ready for your tax interview may take just a few minutes or require quite a bit of time and effort. 

Here is a list of items most people need to bring. See what some of these documents look like on our Tax Documents to Bring page.

Identification And Review

  • Photo ID – Federal and State law now requires us to see your photo ID
  • Social Security Cards for taxpayer, spouse and all dependents if we did not prepare your return last year
  • A copy of your prior-year tax return if we did not prepare your return last year
  • Proof of health insurance – Form 1095-A, 1095-B, 1095-C, Medicare, or other proof

Income Statements

  • W-2 (Wage statements)
  • 1099 Misc. (Self-Employment)
  • 1099R (Pension, IRA and other retirement income statements)
  • 1099 INT (Interest Income statements)
  • 1099 DIV (Dividend income statements)
  • 1099 G (Unemployment or state refund statements)
  • 1099 W2G (Gambling winnings statements)
  • 1099B (Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions)
  • 1099S (Sale of home or real estate)
  • 1099K (Payment Card and Third Party Network Transactions)

Deductible Expense Statements

  • 1098 (Mortgage interest statement)
  • 1098T (Tuition and fee payments for college and continuing education programs)
  • 1098E (Student loan interest payments)
  • Child care records including: Name, address, EIN, and amount paid to childcare provider
  • Receipts and records of charitable contributions