Fast Cash Advance Loans/Walmart Card...the steps are:

  1. You will receive your sealed Walmart Card from your Tax Accountant/Tax Preparer
  1. You will then receive a welcome email or text message from the bank.
  2. Then with 24 to 48 hours you will receive an amount you were approved for or letting you know you were denied
  3. If approved it will show you how much you are approved for in the text. 
  4. Follow the email or text message instructions to complete your registration
  5. Once registered, you should be able to create your online account and setup your PIN immediately. See image to the right.  Go to link by clicking  to set up an online account and pin number.
  6. Note:You can also start to use your Walmart Card as a Credit/Debit until you receive your original card in the mail with your name on it. Once you receive the original card Go To  to set up an online account and pin number.

YOUR ACCOUNT ONLINE (on the computer)

Once you are able to create your WALMART MONEY CARD account online, you will have to go to Account Management and click on the My Card Tab to create your PIN number