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I used to do my own taxes until the tax laws became too complicated. Since going to Mz. Dee at the US Tax Factory, I have been receiving full refunds for both State & Federal taxes. And when I do have to pay taxes, my tax bill is reduced by the tax breaks allowed as found by Mz. Dee. In addition, Mz. Dee was instrumental in getting my wife an offer in compromise for Federal, State, and Municipal taxes she was liable for. Her tax liability to these agencies have been paid in full. This could not have been accomplished without the expertise and guidance provided by Mz. Dee.

Richard H

I met US Tax factory, Mrs. Dee and Company by the grace of God. At the time that I met her, I was literally sinking and drowning with substantial amount of tax debt! Mrs. Dee was able to clear and straighten out all of my tax papers. (patiently) Working from state to state city to city she was able to find all of my tax information and brought everything up current. She’s a pleasure to be around. She’s passionate about what she does. Her team is phenomenal, her office is it the atmosphere is pleasant and has a warm welcome! I am So Thankful for US Tax factory. She has changed my life for the better. I highly recommend US Tax factory.. Anyone who is having any tax issues big or small do not run from them . Mrs. Dee and Co. will get you together. They’re dedicated collectively as a team And they make sure that you have what you need to get you to a fresh start. I cannot thank her enough. I wish I could give her 1000 stars because I’ve never thought I would ever see the light at end of the tunnel! THANK YOU MRS DEE , and NESHA Do not hesitate to go to US tax factory and get to know Mrs. Dee AND her awesome team! Their work is Unmatched!!!!! KEEP doing what you Do!

Shawn P

I love Mz Dee Reese and the US Tax Factory team! I have been getting my taxes done there for about four years now because she’s a tax expert, in my opinion. The office and staff are very professional and provide excellent customer service! The atmosphere is inviting too. Mz Dee’s mission statement is “Want your taxes done right…she will stay up all night” – this is a very true statement….as she spends time reading and researching to increase her knowledge of the tax laws every year. It is evident that she takes her profession very seriously and will go the extra mile for her clients by identifying and addressing any tax concerns and then will find the best solution to resolve. Mz Dee is the best in my book! Linda E.

Linda E

I think Mz. Dee’s Enterprise is the best tax firm in the game. They are very helpful from A to Z. They are very reasonable with their prices. You cant ask for more. they do more for you than any firm I promise you. they will eventually take over the whole market once everybody gets aware of their services. Get on the train. You will be glad you did. Trust me! Lavelle Person

Lavelle P

Honest. She is there for her clients. I trust Mz. Dee and trust is hard for me, she knows and understand her profession like no other. I am a lifer.


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