Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting a competent tax and accounting firm is a critical financial decision. Here is a list of questions you might like to ask U.$ Tax Factory about our services we offer.

How Do You Stay Familiar With Changes To Tax Laws?

We recognize the importance of understanding the complexities of tax law. 

When And How Can You Be Reached During The Year And During Tax Season?

Our offices are open year round. We employ full-time, year-round staff.

How Long Will It Take You To Complete My Work?

We emphasize accuracy, but recognize the importance of delivering a finished tax return in a timely manner. Our turn-around is generally 2-3 days for most returns, but complex returns or tax situations can take longer. You can help us achieve faster turnaround by bringing all required information to your tax interview. For example, if you bring all required documentation to your interview, your preparer may be able to complete your return during your initial appointment.  On the other hand, if you need to deliver additional information after your interview is completed, it may take a few days or more before your preparer is able to block out time to finish up your return, depending on his or her workload.

Our series of Tax Organizers are designed to help you gather your tax records and prepare for your tax interview.  You should also refer to our What to Bring and Tax Documents to Bring pages for a listing of documents and other information to bring.