Recognizing illegal tax avoidance schemes

Is it too good to be true? Then it probably is?

  • Never pay taxes again
  • The IRS doesn’t want you to know about this
  • So new your tax consultant doesn’t even know about this
  • I can get you a big refund
  • Share borrow EITC dependents

You may have heard about a tax seminar that was advertised in your local media. If you feel this is too good to be true. You are right! There are so many illegal tax avoidance schemes going around.

Ask yourself these questions:

Your Tax Promotion asking you to…

  • Intentionally omit income?
  • Hide or transfer assets or income?
  • Claim false deductions?
  • Claim personal expenses as business expenses?
  • Make false entries in my books?
  • Overstate the amount of my deductions?

Now if you answered yes you are involved with a tax avoidance scheme. The IRS will prosecute the preparers of fraudulent claims and participating tax payers could be subject to civil or criminal tax penalties.

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